How to Stick to Your Workout Goals When You’re Stuck Inside

Guest Post By Jason Lewis

Dealing with bouts of rain or blistering heat? If you are struggling to stick to your health goals, you are not alone. Staying indoors when the weather is disagreeable can wreak havoc on anyone’s fitness plans. We tend to fill our days with busyness – laundry, answering emails, and putting out fires in general – but it’s critical to keep fitness at the top of your personal priorities. Exercise is a critical aspect of being healthy, and helps you maintain energy and general wellbeing so that you can be successful in all areas of your life.

In order to get your fitness regimen back on track, you need to create some specific goals and develop habits that will help you achieve them. Here are some tips that will help, courtesy of Mike’s Yoga Channel.

Be Kind to Yourself
It’s not easy to change your lifestyle and make a commitment to better health. You need to tell yourself that now is the time to make progress and not worry about being perfect. If you can’t resist the temptation of a bowl of ice cream, forgive yourself and make the next day a better day; don’t allow one slip to throw off your entire fitness plan.

Men’s Journal notes that another way to be kind to yourself and live healthier is to be realistic about your goals. You are not going to turn into a marathon runner overnight. You need to be honest with yourself about your current abilities and set realistic, achievable fitness goals. Start slowly in intensity and duration and build up as you are able to do so.

Prepare Meals Ahead of Time
Even if you have the best intentions to eat well, you can get off track if you have one busy day or a meeting runs late and you’re starving on the way home. To stick to a healthy lifestyle, That Clean Life suggests prepping your weekly menu ahead of time. You’ll stick to a schedule and ensure that you eat well all week no matter what happens. Many people prepare meals on Sunday for the entire week and take their lunch to work with them so it’s easier to avoid the doughnuts and vending machine in the break room. Consider purchasing containers that are divided and have compartments for each food group to make sure you are getting all of your fruits, veggies, and proteins at each meal. Make it even more meaningful with a visit to a farmers market in your area to pick up local produce. You can grill up some of your favorites as a healthy side.

Goals and Rewards
In order to stick to your fitness goals, you need to change your mindset. Instead of thinking of your workout as a separate part of your daily regimen, for instance, you can incorporate it into existing time slots, like when your meals are cooking or during the commercial break when you’re watching the game. To achieve your overall goal, you need to set SMART goals and targets that are easy to measure and more realistic to achieve in the short-term. You may want to set weekly or monthly goals so you can keep track of your progress and know you are accomplishing the smaller targets that are leading to achieving your overall goal. And, when you achieve those smaller goals, reward yourself. You may choose to enjoy a night out with friends to celebrate, buy a new pair of running shoes, or get the fitness tracker you’ve had your eye on.

Work Out with Your Dog
Working out with your dog is a surefire way to stick to your fitness routine. Your dog is a built-in workout partner who won’t let you sit on the couch and skip a walk, run, or outdoor play session if you get in the habit of getting active with him on a regular basis. Dogs love to be active, and yours won’t allow you to rest when it’s time to get up and move, but make sure you bring along plenty of water for the two of you.
Sticking to your fitness goals is easier said than done, but if you make a commitment to yourself and make things easier on yourself by being realistic, preparing meals ahead of time, setting smaller target goals, rewarding yourself, and working out with your dog, you’ll get and stay healthy.

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