3 Rest Day Exercises To Maximize Your Gains In The Gym

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to go about your rest days from the gym?

Are we just supposed to sleep all day? Do we allow ourselves to sit on the couch and watch TV and just do nothing? The easy answer is yes, but, there is also an easy formula that we can do in between our bed and the couch to maximize all of our hard work in the gym.

The “easy formula” consists of three forms of exercise that take no more than five minutes each. These three exercises are yoga, calisthenics and isometrics. This formula isn’t meant to be overly challenging or even work up a sweat. It is meant to be generally light and fun.

If you are a Mindpump fan, like myself, you may have heard them talk about trigger sessions to do on your rest days. Trigger sessions are essentially micro workouts that are designed to stimulate your muscles just enough to help them grow and get stronger.

The 3 exercises of yoga, calisthenics and isometrics are meant to do the same thing as these trigger sessions but in a slightly different way. The short calisthenic and isometric portions are meant to help you maintain your strength and muscle growth. The short yoga portion is meant to help you with your mobility, flexibility, range of motion, and recovery. Combining all three together provide a great form of exercise to maximize your gains and all the hard work you do in the gym. And its all in under 15 minutes!

If you are unfamiliar with these three exercises, don’t you worry. Calisthenics is essentially just doing body weight exercises such as push-ups and squats. Isometrics are a form of exercise that involve the static contraction of a muscle or group of muscles without any movement in the angle or the joint, such as a plank. And yoga is, well, the best thing in the world.

Instead of listing out every single exercise for you to do, I have made it easy for you and put everything you need in this Rest Day Video. All you got to do is follow along and at the end you can get back to watching your favorite show 🙂

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