21 Day Yoga HIIT Workout Challenge

Are you looking for a new yoga or workout challenge? Are you looking to lose weight and build strength at the same time? Look no further, and welcome to Day 1 of your brand new 21 Day Yoga HIIT Workout Challenge. Your Mantra today is I AM CAPABLE. Say it with me and say it proud.

This Yoga HIIT Workout challenge is a unique combination of both yoga poses and HIIT Workout style exercises with a little bit of isometric training. Yoga HIIT Workouts come with many benefits including weight loss, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health and increased metabolism. Not to mention they are very convenient to do right from your own home without any sort of equipment. This challenge is great for yoga and workout beginners.

I hope to see the rest of the way on this exciting 3 week journey and be sure to leave any advice in the comment section along the way. As always, be sure to like and subscribe if you haven’t already and feel free to share this yoga workout challenge with anyone who you think may enjoy it.

Much love and namaste,


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