Should Golfers Do Yoga?

Yes! Golfers should do yoga, especially if you play golf on a regular basis. Yoga is great to do before golf and after golf for a myriad of reasons. Peace of mind, balance and even strength are what a regular yoga practice can bring to your golf game. In today’s post, I will be going over what I believe are the top 3 reasons why Golfers should do Yoga.

3 Reasons Why Golfers Should Do Yoga

Reason #1Flexibility

Yoga is well known to promote more flexibility within your body. Bring that increased flexibility to your golf game and it could be a serious game changer!

Why is flexibility important for golf?

Flexibility is necessary in the golf swing to allow the golfer to achieve the correct technical alignment and range of motion. In addition, flexibility will help properly sequence the golfers swing that will improve consistency, control and power.

The other main benefit of flexibility when it comes to golf is reducing the risk of injuries, especially if you are playing on a regular basis.

So what yoga poses do you need to do to increase your flexibility?

Pretty much any of them will do, but in a recent golf trip to the Rocky Mountains that I went on with some friends where we played Banff Springs and Silvertip, I was inspired to make a specific yoga sequence designed for golfers. I will include this sequence in a video down below.

Reason #2 – Recovery

Yoga and more specifically, Yin Yoga, is an amazing way to recover the body from golf and any other related form of physical exercise. For those that know me, you’ll know that Yin Yoga is my favorite type of yoga. Yin Yoga has many benefits including increased flexibility, calms and balances the mind, increased circulation, improves joint mobility and joint alignment, releases fascia, and improves the flow of prana or energy within the body.

I feel amazing each and every time I perform Yin Yoga.

Recovery is important when it comes to golfers, again, especially if you are playing on a consistent basis. Golf can be demanding on the body. When you are performing the same movement such as a golf swing over and over again, it can come with it’s share of wear, pain and discomfort. I know Tennis Players can relate with tennis elbow, and I’m sure any athlete could relate in some form or another.

If you just had a long day or week of golf, I recommend resting and recovering the body with at least an hour on Yin Yoga afterwards. I will also include an hour long yin yoga video at the end.

Reason #3 – Mindfulness

I remember in one of the very first personal development books I read which was How Champions Think by sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella, he went on to explain that golf is for the most part a mental game. If you’ve ever played golf, then you know it can be quite frustrating when you get in your own head. The golf swing and other technicals of golf can be practiced and improved on, but it’s having the strong mental game that separates the best golfers from the pack.

It is said that the game of golf is played with the body but won with the mind.

Jack Nickalaus once said ” Golf is 80% mental, 10% ability, and 10% luck”

Jim Flick said “90% of golf is mental, and the other 10% is mental too”

Mindfulness, being grounded and calm, present moment awareness… this is what yoga is all about! Performing yoga before you go play golf can put you in that relaxed state of mind that can give you that extra edge in your game. Now, its up to you to maintain that state of mind throughout the whole round, but by doing yoga on a regular basis, you can help develop this zen like state of mind and maintain it far beyond the yoga mat.

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