Roadtrip: Kelowna to California travel blog + Happy Holidays

About two months ago to the day, we ventured out on a 1500 mile journey to officially launch CBD Yoga & Fitness. With my trusty old oil burnin, fuel efficient Toyota Corolla loaded down, we grabbed coffees and hit the road only an hour behind schedule.

Kelowna is located about two hours north of the U.S./Canada border in beautiful British Columbia. Having family currently living in gorgeous Coronado California (one of my favourite places!) we figured what a great road trip it will be, as well as a great place to start making videos.

We got through the border at Osoyoos with little to no hassle and felt excited, free and relieved to officially be on our way. We stopped at one of the of the first little towns along our path; I immediately pulled over at the sight of an antique store (I have a tendency to prolong road trips as I can’t help but want to see and experience new things). We looked around for a few minutes and then walked to the gas station next door to use the restrooms and get some water.

We hit the road again and didn’t stop again until we got to Wenatchee, Washington, which was about halfway to our first destination in The Dalles, Oregon. We grabbed a bite to eat and some gas. Looking at the GPS, trying to find the best route, Kesley noticed the town Leavenworth was close by. She said her parents had visited there once before and said it was a cute little town, which was enough for me to take a little detour. It took us awhile but we found a place to walk down and experience the river. It was late October, so all of the leaves falling made it very pretty. We took a couple pictures and then proceeded to walk around all of the little shops and get a coconut blueberry smoothie. We ended up leaving with a small wooden Thomas Kinkaid picture of Lombard Street in San Fransisco, that I just had to have.

Daylight was fading pretty quickly as we drove through a more scenic route on Highway 97 towards The Dalles. By the time we got out of the mountains, we could see a huge dark storm rolling in the way we had came, so we were thankful to have not been caught in that. It was pitch black outside but the time we arrived at our hotel at The Dalles Inn where we we greeted by a very nice man around our age who ended up upgrading our room free of charge. He also lent us a pack of cards per our request and then Kelsey showed me how to play Kings Corner back in our room.

The next day was very exciting because we going to be visiting Multnomah Falls, which was the main attraction point that we planned to stop at. I also wanted to check out Crater Lake as I heard it was beautiful. While we were eating breakfast in the breakfast room, they had the news playing on the TV at high volume. I was a bit annoyed because I never watch it due to all the negativity. During the weather segment, I couldn’t help but overhear that Crater Lake was expecting a huge amount of snow and that the roads would be closed off. It hadn’t even dawned on me to consider checking the roads before we went, as I planned on going there right after the falls. You could say it was a blessing in disguise and I knew to follow the Omens. After taking some time to replan the our day ahead, we decided just to head straight to the coast after the falls. We booked a hotel in Gold Beach and set out for another day.

It was a beautiful drive from The Dalles to Multnomah Falls, which was about an hour west. We were both in awe driving along the Columbia River as to how wide it was. We both exclaimed that it was wider than most lakes. Our turn to exit off on crept up on us and we made our way on to the very scenic Historic Columbia River Highway. We stopped along one of the rest areas just to get out of the car and take it all in. Everything was so green and thick. We both agreed that we loved Oregon.

A few miles up the highway, we reached our point of interest at Multnomah Falls. It definitely lived up to all of the hype from all of the instagram pictures we had seen. We walked along the path among the other tourists to the iconic bridge. There was a light drizzle of Oregon rain falling down on us and along with the mist of the falls, it was very serene and breathtaking. We took a few photos and videos and then got back on the highway stopping at all the other waterfalls along the way.

I didn’t feel like driving through the hustle and bustle of Portland, so we drove around it and got on the I-5 heading South. Near Salem, I noticed a sign for Dutch Bro’s Coffee which I immediately had to stop and find. During my time of living in Arizona, I fell in love with Dutch Bro’s and their blended white russian drinks to be exact. To our fellow Canadians, think of a Tim Horton’s Iced Capp, but five times better!

Before heading west towards the coast, we also stopped at Chilpotle to grab a bite, another luxury we didn’t have access to in Kelowna. It was Kesley’s first time trying both, so she was a happy girl.

We reached the coast driving through a tiny town called Toledo. We maintained the saying “Holy Toledo” in our conversations throughout the rest of the trip. The Oregon Coast was absolutely beautiful! The clouds were thick and the Rain never really let up all day, but it added to the whole vibe.

When stopping to get gas, one of the lady’s working there started giving me the business for trying to pump my own gas. Kesley and I were both confused, but then she went on saying that it was illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon. We were a bit taken back but officially learned something new. The lady kindly pumped our gas and wished us safe travels.

We stopped at a few beaches along the slow going 101. If it wasn’t for being in a slight hurry to check in to our hotel before the required time, we probably could have watched the gloomy waves crash forever.

We made it to our hotel in Gold Beach right before the latest time to check in. The man at the front desk told us about the Tsunami sirens that would be going off, which we heard shortly after we got into our room.

The next morning we grabbed a couple of coffees from the small espresso hut where a kind lady who was already off to a busy morning made us a caramel macchiato and a dirty chai tea latte. A couple hours later we grabbed one last Dutch Bro’s in Eureka California and then very excitingly drove through the Avenue Of The Giants with Huge Redwood trees greeting us for miles. We stopped to just take in all of the majesty.

Kesley had no idea where we were spending the night. She kept asking, and I kept answering with “it’s a surprise”. We kept driving down the 101 until we hit the ineffable Golden Gate Bridge and San Fransisco. As we drove across the bridge, the sun was setting and the way the clouds looked, it felt like we were driving in heaven. She then got the hint that we were staying in San Fran.

After a somewhat stressful check in to the hotel along with finding the proper place to park the car, we carried our luggage what felt like a mile and eventually settled into our room. After we put on some different clothes, we hitched a taxi down to Fishermans Wharf and grabbed a nice dinner on the water.

The next day we stopped in beautiful Capitola and Carmel By The Sea along with a couple different pull overs along the 101. It was extremely windy! The Coastal Highway driving was eating up a lot of time; we originally planned on making the whole drive to Coronado that day, but as the sun set by surprise, we spent the night in Santa Clarita. We slept in a little more the next day and finished the unforgettable drive.

We reached Coronado in the afternoon and took in the sunset on the beautiful white sandy beach right next to Hotel Del Coronado. The warm California weather was a complete 180 from where we came from in Canada.

We spent the next week exploring Coronado and the San Diego area, as well as getting everything set up to make videos. It’s funny how things don’t go according to plan. I originally planned on making the videos while talking in them, but what I didn’t participate was having the neighbours both behind and beside us doing construction and renovations, as well as 5 combined young kids playing outside. It made talking in the videos literally impossible, as I doubt anyone wanted to hear construction noises and screaming while doing yoga. I realized it was out of my control and that I had to work with what I had, so I improvised by learning how to make voice overs for the initial videos. Everything happens for a reason.

After spending a month and half in Coronado, I am now back in Kelowna in a more controlled environment, eager and excited to make better videos for you.


From CBD Yoga & Fitness, we are wishing everyone a very happy and safe holiday season as well as an incredible New Year! We are very excited to bring our best to the New Year as we have some big goals that we are fully committed to. We want to Thank all of our subscribers and those who have watched our videos or read our blogs, your support has been amazing and means the world to us while we pursue our dream.

From our heart to yours.



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